2020 Contemporary Music Competition

Entries: August 1 – 31 
Submit your video recordings for FREE

If you are approved by the judges to pass pre-screening, you can participate in the final round.

August 1 – September 30

Free Entries:August 1 – 31
Pre-screening:September 1 – 5
Final Round Applications:September 6 – 13
Judging: September 14 – 29
Prizes and Recognition Announcement:September 30

The 2020 Contemporary Music Competition is open to instrumentalists of all ages and nationalities. Accepted musical instruments include piano, string instruments, wind instruments, and percussion.

Musicians of all ages are encouraged to apply, especially young children who may not have much experience but are enthusiastic about sharing their musical abilities.


I. Instrumentalists

II. Ensembles


  • You must perform a music piece or movement from a composer born in the period 1900 – Present.
  • You are required to submit a YouTube link of your performance by email. In this email, please include your name(s), age(s), nationality, musical instrument(s), music piece name, and composer. To be considered, send all this information to the following email address: contact@charlestoncompetition.com.
  • Make sure to submit a YouTube link that is no longer than 15 minutes and either “Public” or “Unlisted” in order for us to view your video recording. Audio recordings will not be accepted.


  • If you are approved by the judges to pass pre-screening, you will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to apply to the final round.
  • Please do not be disheartened if you do not advance to the final round, as we receive applications from many talented musicians and can only approve a limited number to advance to the final round. Keep trying and never give up!
  • If you advance to the final round and grant us permission, you are guaranteed to be featured on our YouTube channel: Charleston International Music Competition.
  • Make sure to check the image file size and resize your photo if it is larger than 1.5 MB in size before emailing it to us.
  • Make sure to check that the image file name only includes your name(s) and is either a JPEG or PNG file. For example, if your name is John Doe, your image file name should either be John Doe.jpg or John Doe.png. For multiplayer performances, your image file name should list all musicians. For example, if your names are John Doe and Jane Smith, your image file name should either be John Doe Jane Smith.jpg or John Doe Jane Smith.png.


  • Five qualified judges will evaluate your pre-screening and final round applications. Please note that the decision of our judges is final and cannot be appealed.


  • Each category has multiple prizes.
  • Our judges may award additional special prizes and recognition.
  • Winners and their music teachers will receive diplomas, their portrait photo and music biography will be published on the results page of our website, and their performance will be shared on our YouTube channel: Charleston International Music Competition.