Anastasia Leonidov


Anastasia Michelle Leonidov had her piano debut player her “Little Tikes” keyboard before she could even walk. Of course, it was not until she was 7 years old that she became serious about music. Now an 11th grader attending high school in Virginia, she is grateful to Marjorie Lee as her first teacher, but has found the different styles of her other mentors, Vera Danchenko, Irena Orlov, Priscilla Ko, and Bora Lee, to have been invaluable. Anastasia is currently under the tutelage of Dr. Mihyang Joo. She has been awarded Honorable Mention at YMIC Metropolitan Music Festival in 2019. Her assessments through the Piano Guild, YMIC, and MSMTA have been praised, and she is proud to have repeatedly earned “perfect” scores. Anastasia’s younger sister, Nicole, is an accomplished violinist and they enjoy playing duets together.

You can find Anastasia’s 2020 Fall Music Competition performance here.

You can find Anastasia’s 2021 Classical Music Competition performance here.

You can find Anastasia’s 2021 Baroque Music Competition performance here.


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