Ella Katherine Bougher

At the age of six, I saw someone playing the harp at a friend’s wedding. Fixated on it, I was determined to learn how to play the instrument. After months of asking my mother if I could start learning to play, I was given the option to start taking harp or piano lessons for Christmas at the age of seven. Having been enthralled with the harp, I chose it with little hesitation. I have been playing ever since, receiving encouragement by my parents to continue taking lessons, even when I became frustrated with my progress. Now, nine years later, I have graduated to a pedal harp, joined the local youth orchestra, and am honored to be taking lessons from Hungarian professional harpist Dr. Erzsébet Gaál Rinné. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn this wonderful instrument, and I am looking forward to where it will lead me in life.

You can find Ella’s performance here.


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