Ella Katherine Bougher

At the age of 6, I watched a harpist perform at a wedding reception. Enthralled, I begged my parents to let me start learning how to play the instrument. A few months later, for Christmas, I was given the option of having piano lessons or harp lessons. Of course, I chose the harp for its uniqueness and beauty- and it has been my passion ever since. I am approaching my tenth anniversary of becoming a harpist, and in that period of time, I have become the proud student of Dr. Rinne, my harp teacher, purchased my own pedal harp, joined my local youth orchestra, and worked diligently towards building my classical harp repertoire. I look forward to where this instrument will take me in the future.

You can find Ella’s 2020 Holiday Music Competition Harp performance here.

You can find Ella’s 2021 Romantic Music Competition Harp performance here.