Ian Juwon Kim


Ian Kim, 8 years old, is in 3rd grade at Navy Elementary school in Fairfax, VA. He started his private piano lesson when he was in 1st grade in 2019. He has shown very early signs of musical precocity in every aspect such as keen ear for music, remembering melodies, singing in tune, expressing music via recognition and imitation and so on.

In 2019, he entered his first competition, the YMIC Metropolitan Music Festival, and was awarded as a 1st place winner. In the following year, he again competed and won first place in the same competition.

Now he is a student of Dr. Mihyang Joo since January 2021. He loves to listen and play piano pieces in his free time. Recently, he began to learn violin as a second musical instrument and enjoys playing duets with his older sister. Besides music, he is into mechanical science and coding.

You can find Ian’s performance here.


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