Stevie Hawes

Stevie has been an avid musician since learning the piano at the age of 5. He then picked up flute in middle school, saxophone in high school, and a number of instruments in college and beyond. He was part of the Knox College Jazz Ensemble for four years and leader of the saxophone section for three, including during his post-baccalaureate year when he returned to Knox in order to work for the music department. Since returning to Austin he has played for a number of music groups in a variety of genres, and offered his skills on piano, flute, saxophone, and clarinet to several different recording studios. Stevie’s taste in music ranges from classical to pop rock to video game soundtracks, the latter of which can be heard in the many music covers he uploads to YouTube. Stevie currently works as the Office Manager for Greater Austin Music Academy, as well as a freelance performer, composer, and studio musician.

You can find Stevie’s performance here.