Yundi Tian

Yundi is an international student from Yunnan, mainland China, who decided to major in her biggest passion—–music vocal performance during her second year of college in USA. She has won two local singing competitions (1st and 2nd place) and was invited to sing for the grand opening of Yanxi wetland park at her homeland China. During her music education at Azusa Pacific University, she has been active in all different ensembles of different music genres, such as Bel Canto Women’s choir, Gospel Choir, Commercial styles pop/rock band, and Jazz Improv Workshop. Regardless of her major’s concentration on commercial music, she has been having classical voice lessons along side of all her contemporary voice trainings. She has participated in song compositions of different genres: folk, world, pop, hiphop (trap), rock, and even metal. She is also fluent in singing songs in Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese, and French.

You can find Yundi’s performance here.