2023 World Music Competition

To apply, click the World Music Application Form below:

ENTRIES: July 15 – August 15 
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If you are approved by the judges to pass pre-screening, you can participate in the final round (no traveling required).

July 15 – September 10

Free Entries:July 15 – August 15
Pre-screening:August 16 – 19
Final Round Applications & Finalists Uploaded to YouTube:August 20 – 31
Judging: September 1 – 9
Prizes & Recognition Announcement:September 10

The 2023 World Music Competition is open to singers, instrumentalists, and ensembles of all ages and nationalities. All musical instruments, including piano, string instruments, wind instruments, and percussion, and music pieces or movements from any composers around the world will be accepted.

Musicians of all ages are encouraged to apply, especially young children who may not have much experience but are enthusiastic about sharing their musical abilities. We do not have any age restrictions and have had winners as young as 3 years old and other winners into their 70s. Please see the results of our previous competitions here as examples of how we determine age group categories.


  • Singers
  • Instrumentalists
  • Ensembles

Please see the results of our previous competitions here as examples of how we determine instrument categories.


Simply submit the World Music Application Form at the top of this page.


  • If you are approved by the judges to pass pre-screening, you will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to apply to the final round.
  • Keep in mind that the performance video you submit for the pre-screening round will be evaluated again for the final round.
  • Please do not be disheartened if you do not advance to the final round, as we receive applications from many talented musicians. Keep trying and never give up!
  • To advance to the final round, you must submit the final round application fee here.
  • By advancing to the final round, you will be eligible for the prizes below.


  • All finalists and their music teachers will receive personalized certificates of recognition, their photo and music biography will be published on the results page of our website, and their performance will be shared on our YouTube channel.
  • All finalists will be eligible for $600 in prizes (Most Exceptional Performer Prize and Performer of the Month Prize).
  • All finalists whose performance videos receive at least 1,000 views during the month of September 2023 on our YouTube channel will receive free T-shirts with free shipping from our Gift Store (valued at $40).
  • All First Prize winners will receive a personalized confidential letter of recommendation for the college application process upon request. High school finalists in our past competitions have gone on to enroll in prestigious academic institutions such as Harvard University, Cornell University, and the University of California, Berkeley.
  • All First Prize winners who give their permission will be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages.
  • First, Second, and Third Prize winners will be able to order a personalized 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Prize Trophy with their name corresponding to their prize at an additional cost.
  • The teacher with the most students selected as winners will receive a Teacher of the Month certificate and will be promoted on the front page of our website together with their students.


A jury of qualified judges will evaluate your pre-screening and final round applications based on criteria for artistry such as technical ability and musicality. Contestants are judged solely on their musical abilities and not on the basis of their race, gender, or other protected characteristics. Please note that the decision of our judges is final and cannot be appealed. Our judges consider both the relative and absolute strength of finalists’ performance videos, so the organizers of the Charleston International Music Competition reserve the right to not always award each prize in every age group and instrument category depending on the numeric ratings submitted by our judges on a scale from 1 to 10. The judges featured on the Our Judges website page include both current judges and past judges who have adjudicated our prior competitions. The Most Exceptional Performer is determined based on the nominations of our current judges. The Performer of the Month is determined based on our YouTube video analytics, which is responsible for verifying legitimate views. We do not control the number of views on the performance videos featured on our YouTube channel. By participating in our competitions, you agree to these rules and waive your right to dispute our allocation of prizes, including the Most Exceptional Performer Prize and the Performer of the Month Prize. No disputes or disagreements arising from the competition’s results will be entertained or reviewed. By adhering to these judging rules, our competitions will be conducted in a fair and transparent manner, providing a platform for recognition and appreciation that allows musicians to showcase their talent and skills.