Jia Hou


Jia Hou

Catherine Hou, Jia started to learn violin since she was 4. In 1993, she was accepted by China’s Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), the best music university in China, with the top score.

Ms. Hou joined orchestra of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre since 1997. She was appointed to be the Chief Violinist in 2011. With that, Jia Hou became to the first female chief violinist in China.

At work, she has long term pleasant and success collaboration with famous directors and musicians, such as Placido Domingo, TAN Dun, LU Jia, LI Biao, LIAO Chaoyong, Bayer Di-ri, LV Siqing, and LI Xincao, …
Since 2019, she continued her education in Artist Certificate Program in Azusa Pacific University, learning from her advisor Mr. Suli Xue.

She achieved several outstanding achievements in the influential competitions, such as, First place in Violin and Most Exceptional Performer in Charleston International Music Competition; Senior Violin Winner (First Prize) in the 7th Hong Kong International Musical Festival in 2020; Unanimous Superior in both Violin Solo in 2019 Concerto Competition, and Professional Advanced Level of Violin Solo in 2019 Young Artists Competition, both organized by California Association of Professional.

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