Charleston International Music Competition

Upcoming CompetitionsApplication WindowResults
2023 Classical Music CompetitionJanuary 1 – 15February 10
2023 Winter Music CompetitionFebruary 1 – 15March 10
2023 Baroque Music CompetitionMarch 1 – 15April 10
2023 Spring Music CompetitionApril 1 – 15May 10

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Most Exceptional Performer

Our judges named Nolan Yuhsiang Tu as the recipient of the 2022 International Piano Most Exceptional Performer $250 Prize for his virtuosic performance in the 2022 International Piano Music Competition.

Other Most Exceptional Performers

Performer of the Month

Nadine Satamian is our Performer of the Month for receiving the most views on our YouTube channel for January 2023 and is the recipient of the January 2023 Performer of the Month $250 Prize.

Teachers of the Month

Dr. Yelena Balabanova, Nancy Kim, Yvonne Lau, and Margarita Markosyan’s Students

Dr. Yelena Balabanova, Nancy Kim, Yvonne Lau, and Margarita Markosyan are our Teachers of the Month for having the most students selected as winners for January 2023.

Previous Monthly Winners

Most Devoted Performer

The Charleston International Music Competition believes in the importance of showcasing musical talent from around the globe. All distinguished winners will receive prizes and recognition without the need to travel. Winners and their music teachers will receive personalized certificates of recognition, their portrait photo and music biography will be published on the results page of our website, and their performance will be shared on our YouTube channel.

Instruments include but are not limited to piano, violin, cello, voice, trumpet, flute, horn, bass, saxophone, oboe, drums, harp, French horn, clarinet, viola, guitar, organ, harpsichord, bassoon, marimba, piccolo, tuba, guzheng, trombone, tarogato, percussion, mandolin, and euphonium.

What Others Say About Us:

News ArticleWinner
The University Of Hawai‘i, Mānoa, Department Of MusicAlyssa Hironaka
Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins UniversityYoo Jin Lee
The University Of Arizona Flute StudioKaissy Yau
Chicago Youth Symphony OrchestraJoshua Wolford, Bianca Ciubancan, Tessa Olson, and Elijah Park
University of Nebraska at OmahaSimon Philip Olivares
University of Nebraska at OmahaYimeng Xu
Fremont Mission Music InstituteVishal Yathish
Music Institute of ChicagoYaejin Shin
Southern Highland NewsJessica Morgan Howell
Amanda Jeane Vega Carrera
Belmont UniversityAriel Nicole Redmond
The Northern LightTimothy Schrader
Yingwen LewisHaoqing Ye
Neela Gooty
Ryan Qingyu Zhao
Jenni BrandonSydney Scherer, Roddy Terrell, and Kassandra Ormsby
OttopagineSilvia Ricci