Based in Charleston, South Carolina, the Charleston International Music Competition strives to discover and promote talented musicians of all ages and nationalities and reward their efforts with prizes and recognition.

Our Most Recent Winners

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Most Exceptional Performer

Our judges named Chen Cao as the recipient of the 2021 Contemporary Most Exceptional Performer $100 Prize for his virtuosic performance in the 2021 Contemporary Music Competition.

Other Most Exceptional Performers

Most Devoted Performer

Ananda María Domínguez Kesselman is our Most Devoted Performer for winning First Prize in 5 competitions.

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Performer of the Month

Ho Wing Sze is our Performer of the Month for receiving the most views on our YouTube channel for September 2021 and is the recipient of the September 2021 Performer of the Month $100 Prize.

Teacher of the Month

Violetta Sokolov’s Students

Violetta Sokolov is our Teacher of the Month for having the most students selected as winners for September 2021.

Previous Monthly Winners

Upcoming Competitions Application Window Results
2021 Romantic Music Competition November 1 – 15December 10
2021 International Piano Competition December 1 – 15 January 10


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