Nanzi Li


Nanzi Li

Li Nanzi (China, Beijing) – violin soloist, chamber musician, master of violin at the Royal College of Music (RCM), concertmaster of China conservatory attached middle school string orchestra and symphony orchestra, concertmaster of royal Birmingham conservatoire symphony orchestra, member of the Beijing musician Association , member of the Beijing Children’s Violin Learning Association.  Violin Jury members in music competitions and summer festivals and international art competitions and festivals.

Nanzi Li was born in 1995 in China. He started to study violin since 5 years old, and the first on the stage recital performance from age 8.

In 2010, He was admitted to the China Conservatory of Music Middle School while he studied with Yuan Fang who was the famous violinist in China and the head of string in the middle school. 

In 2011, he represented the China conservatory Middle School went to the Pennsylvania Conservatory of Music to exchange and perform and successfully held a special concert of Chinese pieces, his quartet in the United States Lancaster concert hall successfully held a special concert. 

In 2012, the “Salzburg Night” Quartet concert was successfully held at the National Grand Theater. In the same year December he successful holding of the China Conservatory of Music in the first personal violin recital. 

In 2013, He was the concertmaster of the China conservatoire middle school student string orchestra. The same year, he play in the summer string festival in Prague Conservatory.

In June 2014, he successfully performed solo concert at the China Conservatory of Music Middle School – Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D major. He organized the biggest orchestra in the middle school, this is the first violin recital in the middle school with an Symphony orchestra. In September the same year he admitted to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, he study with violinist Jiafeng Chen who is the violin professor in Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Royal College of Music(RCM). 

In 2015 June and 2016 June, he successful organized his violin recitals in Beijing,

In 2016 He played in the Birmingham Conservatory International String competition got the top four prize.

In the same year, He invited by Chengdu Guangya international violin competition, and gain the honourable prize.

In 2017, he had a violin recital in the St Martin’s Church in Birmingham.

In 2019, he had violin recital in the Kensington church in London.

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