Aaliyah Higashimori

I was born in Aichi, Japan in April 2012 and learned the violin since one year old under Ms. Chise Makino for 4 years. Then I learned the violin under Ms. Mizuki Kato at Nagoya School of Music for 4 years. Currently I’ve been learning the violin under Prof. Kirill Troussov to become a soloist. Ms. Kanau Negoro who was a few years behind him in the same university supports me. I started learning about music under Mr. Tomoya Furuta who is a pianist.

In December 2018 I won the Gold Prize in the 1st grade category of the 40th Violin Competition for Kids in Kariya city.
In February 2019 I passed the audition at the youngest age (6 years old) in the history of the Soushinkai and performed Vivaldi’s concerto at the 9th Soushinkai Fresh Gala Concert in Nagoya city.
In December 2019 I won Grand Prizes at first stage and semi final, and won the Best 10 in all Japan of the Beten Music Competition.
In November 2021, I won the Gold Prize in the 9-10 years old category of the Global Genius Music Competition in UK.
In December 2021 I won the Gold Star Prize in the 7-9 years old performing category of the Music & Stars Awards Competition in Estonia, the Gold Prizes in three categories of Junior Artist III (9-10 years old), Romantic Stars (No limited age) and Strings Stars I (4-12 years old) of the Universal Stars Music Competition in UK, the 1st Prize and the Special Golden Artist Prize in the category under 10 years old as the most talented participant of each category of the Golden Arts Contest in Spain.
In January 2022, I won the 1st prize at the Euro Elite International Music Competition and got the final round ticket, and I was chosen to the TOP16 and won the 5th Prize in the 7-10 years old category of the NOMEA Competition in Italy.
On January 30th, I passed the first round in the 3rd Grade category of the Junior Classical Music Competition in Japan and got the semi final round ticket.

These awards this year made my daily practice motivation up to make my dream come true.

You can find Aaliyah’s 2022 Winter Music Competition violin performance here.