Aaron Zachary Tansri

Aaron Zachary Tansri is an elementary student at Donlon Elementary School. He showed interest in music since he was very little, and began to officially learning classical piano at age of 5.5 years old. Last year he started to learn advance piano under Mrs Yingwen Lewis guidance at Lewis Music Studio, and first time participated in competitions this year.
He won First Prize from International Youth Music Competition and Second place from San Fransisco International Innovative Music Competition. He is feeling accomplished and happy with his first achievements and it motivates him to continue to keep learning and improving his piano skills. Besides piano, Aaron loves playing and practicing basketball, and a big fan of Golden States Warrior, he also enjoy to try different kind of delicious food, and last but not least reading books. Our family called him the “professor of the house”, because he always share the knowledge he got from the book he read.

You can find Aaron’s 2022 20th Century Music Competition piano performance here.