Abimelec Guerra

Abimelec is a 18 years old double bassist from Stroudsburg, PA ( originally from Puerto Rico). Mr. Guerra came into the U.S during December of 2017 after Hurricane Maria’s catastrophe in Puerto Rico. Nonetheless, this did not stopped him from pursuing his musical goals.

From ranking first in the state of Pennsylvania in his All-state competition. to joining Carnegie Hall Weill Institute National Youth Orchestra 2 for 2 consecutive years, Abimelec has played in various musical ensembles around the United States. During his musical journey in Puerto Rico, he has performed in various jazz, salsa, and band ensembles such as the Fajardo School of Arts and Humacao Specialized School of Music. He also had master classes with prominent teachers such as Jeff Turner, Robin Kesselman, Alex Hanna, Maximilian Dimoff, etc. As he continues to finish his college application journey, he’s intents to pursue to major in music.

He’s currently studying with former Boston Philharmonic Principal Bassist Jack Hill. His hobbies includes spending time with his family, reading, mentoring younger prospective double bassists, and collecting Funko Pops.

You can find Abimelec’s 2022 Classical Music Competition bass performance here.