Adarsh Girish

Adarsh is from Edison, New Jersey and is an enterprising and hardworking high-schooler. He has been playing the piano for 5 years now and has expanded his love of the instrument under Ms. Naomi Sestak at the Naomi NS Academy. He likes listening to music and also takes an active interest in audio production & making music. He plays French Horn in the Symphonic Band at his school. He has performed at multiple shows and recitals. He loves hiking outdoors and is an avid gamer as well. His favorite sport is Tennis and also loves playing volley-ball. He immerses himself in new cultures and is teaching himself Japanese at this time. He loves spending time with friends and his closest friend is his younger brother. He loves playing the piano, and has always been interested in music.

You can find Adarsh’s 2021 Romantic Music Competition Piano performance here.