Adrian Kim


By starting viola in fourth grade, I’ve been practicing and enjoying my instrument for about 7 years. I’ve also achieved many titles and goals throughout my music career. My first big group of orchestra experience was in my church, which I have been playing viola in for about 4 years (currently stopped due to COVID-19). I first was accepted into the AYPO Program, starting at AYSE, then finally moving up to AYPO this year. For Virginia orchestras, I was accepted into the Virginia District Orchestra in middle school and the Virginia Regional Orchestra last year, almost achieving the State Orchestra acceptance. I also was awarded in multiple competitions like 2nd place in the YMIC Competition this year and in other smaller less known competitions. By achieving these major steps throughout my seven years of viola, I will continue to keep earning more and strive to be the viola musician I want to be.

You can find Adrian’s performance here.


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