Allison Lin

Allison Lin started her piano education just after she turned five. Her first performance in front of an audience was a few months later. She has enjoyed sharing her music with family, friends, neighbors, and pets since then. She is a winner of the 2021 Northern Lights International Piano Festival in the Beethoven category. She also earned gold medals in the 2021 Pacific Northwest Piano Competition and this year’s SCMTA Sonatina-Sonata Festival. Additionally, she has been selected for the Best of Festival award in the 2021 EMTA Time Era Festival. Allison has passed the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Level 10 Practical Examination as well as Level 8 Theory and is working on Level 9 Music History. She sings with Northwest Girlchoir and plays in her school band. Her other interests include reading, rock climbing, and playing volleyball. She studied with Angelo Rondello for several years before joining Dr. Yelena Balabanova’s studio in February this year.

You can find Allison’s 2021 International Piano Competition performance here.