Ananda María Domínguez Kesselman

Ananda has been surrounded by music since she was in the womb because her mother was playing flute, full-time in an opera, ballet and symphonic orchestra and her father was conducting. When she could barely sit up, she would pretend to play intricate pieces on the piano which led to her improvising beautiful melodies at one years old. Soon after her fourth birthday, she began piano lessons and quickly progressed because she was already at a first grade reading level. Reading music came easily to her and her natural musicality and love for music flourished.

Ananda has been playing flute for ten months and the piano for two years now. On a typical day she sightreads, learns and records a new piece because her note reading is incredible, due to her solid piano background. It’s fun to sightread with Ananda, in between working on more challenging repertoire! This has allowed her to progress quickly on the flute, since she doesn’t have to worry about reading the notes. Last summer, Ananda participated in the NY Philharmonic 30 day practice challenge! To her surprise, they featured her as participant in their Instagram stories writing how much they loved her flute performance of Theme from “A Little Night Music” by Mozart. She managed to learn a new piece of music everyday for thirty days as well!

Ananda has placed in eighteen international competitions on flute, including 1st Place in five Charleston International Music Competitions. Ananda won 1st Prize in the American Protégé International Music Talent Competition and will perform in Carnegie Hall in 2022. She also won 1st Place in the 2020 King’s Peak International Music Competition, the Gold Prize in the Music & Stars Awards Competition, Gold in the 2021 Quebec Music Competition, 2nd Place in the 2021 Rocky Mountain Music Competition and 2nd Place in Crescendo International Music Competition. She recently won the Gold Prize in the London Young Musician Season 4, Young Talent Category and the Fans’ Favorite Award in the prestigious London Young Musician of the Year competition.

Ananda is an Ambassador for Nuvo Instrumental, who discovered her after she was playing the flute for one week, and she has been featured in various music education publications.

You can find Ananda’s 2020 Romantic Music Competition performance here.

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You can find Ananda’s 2021 European Music Competition performance here.