Anna Magdalena Guja


Anna Guja is a professional pianist, having obtained a BA degree in piano performance under the tuition of Mirosław Herbowski (PhD) at the Academy of Music in Kraków, and later graduating from the Academy of Music in Katowice where she studied in the piano class of Piotr Sałajczyk (PhD). Currently, she studies harpsichord performance in Katowice under the tuition of Marek Pilch (PhD) and Anna Firlus (MA). Being a laureate of international competitions both in Poland and abroad, she perfected her skills during masterclasses led by such musicians as: Eugene Indjic, Barbara Halska, Andrzej Jasiński, Sergey Osokins, Aleksey Orlowiecki, and Marek Toporowski.

You can find Anna’s performance here.


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