Aysel Naura Verizka


Aysel Naura Verizka, 9 years old, born in Indonesia, she has been learning piano for 4 years, she has learning piano performance from teacher Marcella Halim, AMusA, FRSM since May 2019. Aysel has won number of prizes in different piano competition Year 2018 : (1) Perfect Tone National Piano Competition, Des 2018:Second Winner Year 2019 : (1) YMO Piano Open Competition, April 2019:First Winner . (2) Victory 10th National Open Competition, May 2019:First Winner. (3) Indonesia Open Competition by Veranza Music House, Oct 2019:First Winner . (4) Surabaya Piano Competition 2019 by Scherzo Music, Des 2019:Second Winner Year 2020: (1) La Pianista Piano Competition, Feb 2020:Third Winner . (2) CDE Piano Open Competition, July 2020:Second Winner . (3) Indonesia Youth Piano Online Festival by Veranza, Sept 2020:Platinum Prize . (4) La Pianista Online Series Classical Festival, Des 2020: Summa Cum Laude.

You can find Aysel’s performance here.


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