Celina Lim

Celina Lim, 16 years old, is a Junior at Punahou School. She began playing the cello at age six and has been studying with Nancy Masaki ever since. She is a member of Punahou school’s highest symphony orchestra and is also a part of the Punahou chamber music program. She has also been a part of the Hawaii Youth Symphony since she was eight and is now playing in the highest orchestra, YSI. Celina made her orchestral debut with the Kamuela Philharmonic orchestra at age eleven after winning the Madeline Schatz-Harris Concerto Competition. She also won first place in the Hawaii Music Teachers Association competition at ages nine, twelve, and fourteen, and second place at ages seven, eight, and eleven. Recently, she won 1st place in the Hawaii MTNA competition, in the senior strings category. She has won numerous awards in various Great Composers competitions, such as the Masters of Cello competition, The Art of Strings competition, and the Best Saint Saens cello performance competition. Celina also performs in the annual Solo and Ensemble Program, as well as other various programs.

You can find Celina’s 2021 Romantic Music Competition Cello performance here.