Chloe Kiwon Lee

Chloe Kiwon Lee is a creative and optimistic 7th grader that currently lives in Vienna, Virginia. She started studying music and learning how to play the violin when she was 3 years old in South Korea. Soon after, Chloe also began composing music, which opened up possibilities for her to study at the Seoul Arts Center. When Chloe turned 8, she and her family moved to the United States, where she is currently studying with Drew Robertson to expand her musical capabilities. In the past, Chloe has earned an award for both the solo and ensemble categories at the YMIC (Young Musicians Inspiring Change) competition, and she also won an award in the American Protege competition in 2019. When she is not playing the violin, Chloe enjoys watching anime, reading fantasy novels and participating in math competitions.

You can find Chloe’s 2022 Classical Music Competition violin performance here.