Chloe Ng

Chloe Ng, at 9 years old, is a pianist who currently lives in Rockville, Maryland and attends 4th grade at Beall Elementary. She began learning piano with Ms. Vivian Kwok at the tender age of 4, and demonstrated her potential in music by winning her 1st award in that year. Her 2nd place placing at the American Protégé International Talent Competition also gave her the precious opportunity of performing at Carnegie Hall, New York, at such a young age.

Since then, Chloe has continued to demonstrate her talent by winning 11 awards from several international renowned piano competitions. These include International Youth Artist Piano Competition (IYAPC), Golden Classical Music Awards, American Music Talent Competition, and Grand Virtuoso International Music Competition. She has performed several times at Carnegie Hall, New York City and also at the Center of Fine Arts (BOZA) Brussels, Belgium.

Chloe was also invited and performed at several events, including the Chinese New Year celebration at Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland, at the US Department of State in Washington DC as part of their cultural event, and at the City of Rockville International Night.

You can find Chloe’s 2022 20th Century Music Competition piano performance here.