Chun-Syuan Wei

Chun-Syuan Wei has shown himself to be a musically gifted young man who combines advanced technical proficiency with good musical intelligence. He communicates with the audience by absorbing materials thoroughly, playing with refined details, and presenting suppleness in his phrases. Wei brings sensitive, plentiful emotions from the bottom of his heart to the notes, blissfully awaiting to connect with the world.

Born in Taiwan (R. O. C.) and graduated from the University of Taipei and Royal Birmingham Conservatory, he studied with great Professor Cheng-Yao Lee and Professor Pei-Chun Liao in Taiwan, later he studied under outstanding pianists Anthony Hewitt and Victor Sangiorgio in the UK.

In 2021, he is studying the Doctor of Musical Arts in the University of North Texas with Professor Gustavo Romero.

You can find Chun-Syuan’s performance here.