Collin Michael Parker-Szekely


COLLIN PARKER-SZEKELY, 14, of Abington, PA, continues to be involved in many different musical activities, primarily through his studies in both piano and cello. Collin studies piano with concert pianist Michelle Cann and takes private cello lessons with Christine Danoff through the Settlement Music School. He has performed in the International Crescendo, Kiszely, Paderewski, and Dorothy Sutton piano festivals and competitions, receiving top honors, as well as a monetary award and invitation to participate in an international tour as a result of his 2020 Crescendo participation. Collin was selected as a featured soloist for the “Bach and Beyond” Music Festival in western New York (rescheduled for summer 2021) performing Mozart’s Concerto No. 12, K. 414, A Major (Collin was also awarded a scholarship for his participation in “Bach and Beyond”). Collin also participates in the top ensemble (Symphony Orchestra) of the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County system. In addition, he is involved several chamber groups, including a cello/piano/violin trio and a cello quartet. Collin attended the Luzerne Music Camp in upstate NY during the summers of 2017-2019. He studied piano at the Philadelphia International Music Festival and cello at the ArCoNet (Arts and Community Network) music camps during summer 2020. Collin received 3rd place in the Philadelphia International Music Festival Concerto Competition this past July. In addition to the piano and cello, Collin studies music theory and excels at singing.

You can find Collin’s 2020 Romantic Music Competition performance here.

You can find Collin’s 2021 Classical Music Competition performance here.