Connor Kyu Shim

I turned 13 in January of 2022. I really enjoy playing the oboe. I started off with piano at the age of 5, then I had a sudden interest in the oboe. I started the oboe when I was 9 years old. Eight months later I won first place in the Musical Arts Competition of Orange County (MACOC). Then in 2020 I won grand prize in the National Young Maestro Competition. A year later in 2021 I got second place in the Southwestern Young Music Festival. In that same year I also won First prize and Special prize in the Golden Classic Music Awards International Competition. Then this year in 2022 I won First prize and Special prize again but in the Grand Prize Virtuoso “Vienna” International Music Competition. My teacher is Eundo Lee and she pushes me to add more musical ideas too my playing.

You can find Connor’s 2022 Baroque Music Competition oboe performance here.