David Benjamin Lee

David Benjamin Lee

David Benjamin Lee is currently an 11th grader from California. From a very young age, music has been an indispensable part of David’s life. He enjoys and listens to classical music whenever he can, whether he is doing homework, eating, or riding in the car.

From kindergarten through fifth grade David was part of Kid’s Choir at a local church. He performed in musicals for audiences of hundreds of people each year. David started learning the piano at age 5 and has been learning for about ten years now.

David is currently studying piano with professor John McCarthy and professor Dr. Richard Cionco. David has earned multiple State Honors from the California Music Teachers Association for the Certificate of Merit evaluation. David started participating in piano competitions in 9th grade, and has won numerous awards, the most recent ones being:

* first place winner of the American Protege International Competition of Romantic Music 2021
* first prize winner for the Art of Piano 2021 at Great Composers Competition
* first place winner of Elite International Music Competition 2022
* first place, Classical, Advanced Piano, US International Music Open Competition Winter 2022
* first prize winner for Best Bach Performance 2022 at Great Composers Competition
* first prize winner for Best Prokofiev Performance 2022 at Great Composers Competition

David also plays the violin. Apart from music, he has many other hobbies. David likes playing table tennis and drawing; He participates and enjoys competitive mathematics, computer programming, all the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), and history bee. In his spare time, he works at community garden and flies remote control model airplane.

You can find David’s 2022 Romantic Music Competition piano performance here.