David Hyukju Kwon


Since starting from a school program for strings, it has been around four years since I have been under the tutelage of my violin instructor, Moonjun Allison. In these past couple of eventful years, I have been able to learn various wonderful pieces from a handful of great composers, which has allowed me to become more understanding of my pieces, expressive in my playing, and have a tremendous improvement in overall musicianship. Exterior to my individual training, I have played in a community youth orchestra, church youth orchestra, and took part in a chamber ensemble group to perform for the elderly in nursing homes to provide aural therapy. Other than violin, I also play piano and clarinet. I started on piano when I was six years old, and picked up the clarinet in 4th grade band. I enjoy all three instruments equally, as they all provide me with the pleasure that comes from music.

You can find David’s performance here.


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