Diana Nour Omar

Diana Omar is a violinist, pianist, vocalist, and songwriter from Ellicott City, Maryland. Omar began playing violin at the age of 9, but did not start competing until age 14. She has won numerous international competitions, including 2nd Place Violin Winner, 2nd Place Voice Winner, and Honorable Mention. She has also performed at numerous venues including Baruch Performing Arts Center, Rockport Music-Shalin Liu Performance Center, and MIT Elizabeth Killian Hall, and Carnegie Hall. 

In Summer 2019, she participated in an International Student Exchange Program, where she went to Boston and attended master classes to advance her technical skills at the violin. Omar also enjoys participating in her school ensemble in first violin of the gifted and talented orchestra. 

Diana prizes herself on having a unique perspective on music with her synesthesia. Associating colors and sounds, she uses this ability to tell a vibrant story while performing. She knows when to feel the music, giving way to an empathetic response from the audience. The violin is special for Omar, as it provides a sense of flexibility with regard to how she interprets the songs. The high notes she plays invoke a sweet, silky tone, while the Sul G notes provide a contrasting, more heavy feeling.

You can find Diana’s 2022 Classical Music Competition violín performance here.