Emma Hahn

Emma Hahn began playing the violin when she was fascinated by the sound of the violin at a concert. She was a young elementary school student and started to ask her mom to let her learn how to play the violin. After all, she could start to learn how to play the violin in second grade with excitement, and she practiced very hard with her violin teacher. Emma has enjoyed playing the violin whenever she has free time. Emma was eager to excel in playing the violin. So, she got interested in joining a public orchestra. She participated in Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra (MCYO)’s summer camp in her 2nd grade and learned a lot about music. After she finished her summer camp, she felt more confident, and auditioned to get into Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra. Surprisingly, Emma joined Preparatory Strings of MCYO as a first violinist. She has enjoyed being part of the orchestra, and she even played the solo at the end of the year. In addition to her orchestra at MCYO, she has played the violin at her school. First, she joined the Advanced School Orchestra which was originally for 5th graders. Moreover, in the same year, she got into her school’s Chamber Strings group, which is a prestigious one that recruits only the most advanced players. Emma is fully motivated to continue her music journey. She is also highly interested in inspiring public with her music, and this competition is going to be the start of it.

You can find Emma’s performance here.

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