Eric Son

Since I have started playing cello in 6th grade, this instrument had an overwhelmingly positive influence on my life as it became a way to guide my emotions. This passion led me to pursue my musical interests and audition for orchestras in order to meet other talented individuals. Some organizations I am involved in since starting is the Hope John Creek Orchestra, which performs at places such as soup kitchens, churches, retirement homes, and hospitals to extend the influence that music has and provide music to a wider range of audiences. I have also attended GMEA’s All State Orchestra since 7th grade and have participated in both the Kendall Youth Orchestra and Gwinnett County Youth Symphony. Some works that I have studied include the 4th movement of the Elgar cello concerto, the 1st movement of the Shostakovich cello concerto, and the 1st movement of the Lalo cello concerto.

You can find Eric’s 2023 Baroque Music Competition cello performance here.