Ester Leng

Ester Leng, 14 years old, student of Peyhwan Kuan since 2017. She really enjoys playing Bach and Chopin’s solo repertoire music. She successfully received first place for the 2019 USIMC-Bach Special Theme and was invited to perform for the 2020 Junior Bach Festival. She was the first place winner of the 2019 USOMC in Advanced Level of The Treasury of Romantic Composers playing Chopin’s Étude. Ester collected first place in the 2020 Quebec Classical Music Competition with Chopin’s Nocturne as well as the platinum medal from the 2021 Quebec Classical Music Competition. She also received a gold medal in the 2021 Great Piano Masters Competition. In March of 2019, Ester received second place for the US New Star Piano Competition by Composer. Ester won second place in the 2020 Piano League in the final round and second place in the Virtual International Music Competition of Persatuan Chopin Malaysia (Chopin Society of Malaysia). She received second place in the 2021 Medici Competition, as well as second place in the International Piano Competition (Paderewski in Memoriam).

You can find Ester’s 2022 Classical Music Competition piano performance here.