Frederick Chiu

My name is Frederick Chiu. I am 16 years old. I was born in the United States to a Taiwanese family. I began my piano education at the age of five under the guidance of my father. I started to participate in piano competitions when I was ten, and I won numerous awards in local and international competitions. In December 2020, I have been selected as a First Prize and Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize winner in the International Music Competition Bonn “Grand Prize Virtuoso” in German. I was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall, New York, as a first prize winner of the 2017 Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition. In additional to competition, I have also successfully passed the Music Teacher Association of California (MTAC) Certificate of Merit Advanced Level with honor and also selected to participate in the Panel Finals in 2021. Besides piano, I have developed an interest in Forensic Sciences and Medical Pathology. I wish to continue this interest and pursue both Science and Music majors later in college.

You can find Frederick’s 2021 International Piano Competition performance here.