Gabrielle Felicita Chen

Piano Teacher: Ms. Ayunia Indri Saputro
Composition Teacher: Prof. Wilson Chu
Gabrielle is a 9yo Indonesian, 4th Grade Primary student. She participated in Science Club, Debate Society Club, & Public Speaking activities.
Her early interest in piano when she was 7yo. She developed her curious mind in piano studies from the age of 8. Currently, she is preparing for the Grade 5 ABRSM exam.
In addition to her love of playing piano, she started to learn Piano Composition intensively at 8yo. Her dream is to become a pianist and composer that can bring joy and love to the world.
Her latest Piano Solo achievements:
Oct 2021, Bronze Award – 3rd WPTA Singapore International Piano Competition, Young Virtuoso (9yo)
Dec 2021, Distinction – ABRSM Exam Performance, Grade 4
Mar 2022, Silver Prize – London Young Musician (2021- 2022 Season 4), Young Talent (Age under 10yo)
May 2022, Gold Award – Festival Indonesiana 4, Group D (Age below 12yo)

You can find Gabrielle’s 2022 Spring Music Competition piano performance here.