Gloria Ma


Gloria Ma is a thirteen-year-old seventh-grader who lives in San Jose, California. She has played the piano for about 7 years and the violin for about 3 years. Over the past few years, under the tutelage of Dr. Zhao Zhao Yang, she has won many awards. In the past few annual USOMCs (United States Open Music Competitions), she has won a total of four 3rd places, eight 2nd places, and three first places. She has been invited to play at Carnegie Hall twice after winning second and then first place in two consecutive years at the American Protégé competition. Last year, she was 1st in her age division in the Bay Area Piano Competition and 3rd in the Chopin Avenue competition. She has passed CM level 9 with Branch Honors and convention. Besides playing the piano, she also has many hobbies including drawing, sleeping, and eating.

You can find Gloria’s performance here.


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