Hana Hashimoto

Hana Hashimoto

Hana Hashimoto is 9 years old and lives in Amarillo, TX. She started to play the violin at age 3. Her parents love music and Hana’s mother accompanies her on the piano. They enjoy their work together.

Currently, Hana studies the violin under Natalia Korenchuk, an assistant concertmaster of Symphony of Northwest Arkansas. Hana loves to play the violin in front of audiences.

Her awards include “Superior” at the 6th Los Solistas Y Amigos solo contest in April 2019, and “Outstanding” at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Intermediate Orchestra Solo & Ensemble Festival in May 2022.

Hana’s favorite things to do while she is not playing the violin are coloring pictures, decorating her room, and playing with her corgi, Trixie.

You can find Hana’s 2022 Romantic Music Competition violin performance here.