Hannah Choi

Hannah has played the violin for 6 years and has proven her musical abilities through numerous activities. For a total of four years, Hannah has been a member of the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra in Young Artist and the Potomac Valley Youth Orchestra. Hannah has also been a member of YMIC for 2 years and has volunteered at numerous nursery homes and performed at benefit concerts to raise funds for different charitable organizations. In the 2019 YMIC Metropolitan Music Festival, she was given an honorable mention. Outside of the violin, Hannah enjoys singing and dancing. She has participated in the Strathmore Children’s Choir and the Maryland All State Chorus where she learned to harmonize and blend in with the voices around her. In addition, Hannah enjoys performing musical theater. She had played the role of Alice in Herbert Hoover Middle school’s play “Alice in the Wonderland Jr.” where she sang live, danced, and acted in front of an audience. Through this experience she met many people and gained an even deeper passion for the performing arts. The next 2 years, she joined the Musical Theater Conservatory in Imagination Stage, where she toned her musical abilities even further. Through all these experiences, Hannah has gained a broader perspective of music and her ability to help others with it.

You can find Hannah’s 2021 Romantic Music Competition Violin performance here.