Hanyan Zheng

Hanyan Zheng began her piano studies at age 4 with her father. She has given frequent solo and chamber music performance in United States; Europe and China. Hanyan was first prize winner at Faszlo Spezzaferri Italy international music competition 2021 and third prize winner at WPTA Finland international piano competition 2021.

Hanyan Zheng earned her bachelor in piano performance at the China Conservatory, and her master’s degree in piano performance at the University of Michigan, where she studied with the celebrated American pianist Christopher Harding. She is currently pursuing the Doctoral degree of Musical Arts in piano performance at the University of Washington and studying with the American’s communicative and persuasive artist Robin McCabe. As the winner of the 2019 University of Washington concerto competition, she will be performing with Seattle Philharmonia Northwest in Summer 2022.

You can find Hanyan’s 2022 Spring Music Competition piano performance here.