Isabella Yichen Xue

Isabella Xue is 10 years old. She has been Peyhwan Kuan’s student since May 2018. Isabella is one of the Grand Prix winners in the 2021 International Piano Competition Paderewski in Memoriam and the Platinum Medal in 2021 Quebec Music Competition. She won the Absolute First Prize in the 4th International Competition of Musical Execution “City of Sarzana”. In the 2021 Medici International Music Competition she won the First Prize. At the 2021 Great Masters International Piano Competition and the 1st Swiss International Online Competition Isabella won First Place. Isabella won the 2021 Pacific Music Society and Foundation Scholarships in the first age category Piano competition. At the 2nd WPTA Singapore International Piano Competition, Isabella won Platinum Award and Best Romantic Award. She won 1st place in the 2020 Putra International Piano Competition and the Neapolitan Masters Competition, she is also the first place winner and Beethoven Prize of the 2020 Virtual International Music Competition organized by the Chopin Society Malaysia. Isabella won 1st and was named TOP PERFORMER RUNNER UP PRIZE at 2020 US New Star Music Competition by Composer Chopin & Bach. Isabella won the 1st Prize in 2020 COSTA RICA Piano Festival Online Competition.

You can find Isabella’s 2022 Classical Music Competition piano performance here.