Jack Jie Hong Tew

Jack is 13 years old. He started playing the cello when he was 7. He started to enjoy the cello a lot and practice daily to try and improve every day. In 2017 He had his first competition and he got a gold medal and in 2018 he was in the finalist for Osaka international music competition but sadly he fell short in the second round and he knew he needed to work harder next time. In the following year, it was a big year because he had several achievements and he couldn’t be happier. He got gold medal for “The first classical music festival Bangkok” Gold award in Euroasia Gold medal in the SEGI International music competition (under 18) 3rd place in Euroasia (advanced) and finally he passed his grade 8 exam with a merit. In 2020 he won Chopin international music competition(Malaysia)1st prize and won the 2020 Odin international music competition (Europe) 3rd prize

You can find Jack’s 2022 Classical Music Competition cello performance here.