Jia Lin

Jia Lin

Personal resume


I am Jia Lin, a girl born on October 8, 2006. Now I am in tenth grade. I began to learn piano at the age of four. In 2015, I started to learn piano with Professor AlbinaOrishchuk (Professor of Donetsk State S.S.Prokofyev Conservatory,Director General of International Prokofiev Competition for Young Pianists).

In September 2016, I was admitted to Central Conservatory of Music,Piano Academy at Gulangyu. My instructor is Zhe Wei, a well-known young pianist who has been studying abroad. During my years of study with him, I paid a lot of attention to technical development. I learned many etudes of Czerny, Moszkowski, Chopin, and Liszt. I also have diversified my sound palette, improved the quality of legato, worked on touch and intonation. At the same time, I gained a deeper understanding of the emotional and spiritual dimensions of a piece of music based on its style or theme.

Performance Experience:

l In December 2017, I played the piano in the 10th anniversary concert of my school.

l In November 2019, l played the piano at the opening ceremony of the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.

l I held piano recitals in Gulangyu Concert Hall of Xiamen for five times.

Competition Experience:

l In January 2018, I won the third prize of Professional Group A and the first prize of Children Group E in Fujian Division of Singapore International Piano Elite Invitational Competition.

l In December 2018, I was selected as a semifinalist in The 1st China National Piano Invitational Competition(professional categories).

l In October 2019, I entered the final of The 20th Osaka International Music Competition hosted in Japan.

l In November 2019, I received the excellence award in The Professional Group 1 of the final of Pearl River·Kayserburg InternationalYouth Piano Competition.

l In July 2021, in the 7th Internationaler Deutscher Irmler-Klavierwettbewerb, I achieved the fifth place of Debussy Open Group, the second place of Haydn Open Group, and the outstanding performance award of Professional Youth Group.

l In January 2022,in the 4th Ludao Cup Piano Competition, I won the special prize for Professional Group B.

l In February 2022, in Young Euregio Piano Award 2022, I won the 3rd Prize for the final round of category D.