Jingshu Zhao


Jingshu Zhao, one of the outstanding young pianists from China. She was born in 1991 in Wuhan, China. After starting to play the piano at the remarkable young age of 3 years old, her talent became clearly evident. She graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music,where she studied with Keng Zhou and Baili Fang, then continued working for her Masters degree at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she studied with Jon Nakamatsu and Mack McCray, and for her Doctor Musical Arts degree in piano performance at the University of North Texas with Joseph Banowetz.

As a concert pianist, She performed extensively in both the People’s Republic of China and the United States. In addition, she has won the following prizes in National competitions that sponsored in China and Germany: the Four Hands Group Gold Award in the Helen Piano Competition, the “Outstanding Performance Award” and “Perth Performance Pianist” in the solo group of the ChangJiang Cup piano competition, the silver medalist in the second Deutscher Irmler-Klavierwettbewerb, and the first prize in the piano four hands group of the Shanghai Division of the Chang Jiang Cup national college piano competition. Also, she was invited to do the recording for professor Baili Fang’s instructional DVD series of Bach Inventions, published by the Shanghai Conservatory press. Recently her first album of Carl Czerny volume one released by Toccata Classic on July 2019, and this album received lots of praises from Fanfare Music Magazine, BBC Music Magazine, Sunday Times and so on. This album has been described by Fanfare Magazine as “a remarkable debut.”, and BBC Music Magazine described it as “ ……The music is fun and engaging and Zhao’s terrific playing places it in a fine light.”. Jingshu’s performance has been described by Fanfare Magazine as “sparkling and versatile pianism bestows an elegant sheen.”, “ Finger velocity meets lightness of touch meets deft humor to a degree rarely heard from the studio….I should state that I find Zhao a major discovery……She can do justice to so much more repertoire, too.”

You can find Jingshu’s performance here.


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