Júlia Somogyi

I was born in a musician family. My mother was a piano teacher in the local music school in Salgótarján. When I was 6, I started the piano, and after the flute at the age of 8. It soon became clear that I talented in music. My flute teachers were: András Szvoren, Gyula Csetényi, Eszter Alföldy-Boruss and Lóránt Kovács. I graduated in the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. My professor was Lóránt Kovács. I won 2 national flute competition in Hungary and several prizes in international competitions: Concertino Praga(1st prize), Timisoara -RO (2nd prize), Thessaloniki-G (2nd prize), D.Cimarosa Competition, Aversa-IT (3rd),Jean-Pierre Rampal Competition, FR(Special prize),Prague Spring- (3rd and Martinu -prize) I was active participant in some courses with Emmanuel Pahud, Péter Csaba (Santander Music Festival), Carlos Bruneil, Görgy Vashegyi, Yossi Arheim, Jaime Martin Meanwhile I tought the flute in local music schools and in 2019 I bacame the first flutist in the Szeged Symphony Orchestra. In 2020 november I decided to try the online competitions. I won the Moscow Online International Music Competition , and the World Open Competition .I got second prize in Odin International Competition and Special Prize in the Vienna’s New Year Competition.

You can find Júlia’s performance here.