Julian Camilo Avendaño Fonseca

Julian Camilo Avendaño is a colombian pianist from the National University of Colombia, nowadays is doing a Master’s degree on Interpretation and Instrumental Pedagogy in the same institution with professor Mac McClure.

Has given concerts in various cities in Colombia, Brasil and United States. Has been prized first place at ‘Concurso Pianissimo’ in Medellin 2021 and has won some scolarships that allowed him to assist to various festivals (Festival Internacional de Música de Cartagena, Festival Internacional de Piano de Ibagué, Festival de Música de Santa Catarina, Sewanee Summer Music Festival, Brevard Music Center Festival, Encontro Internacional de Pianistas de Piracicaba, and others).

Has taken masterclasses with pianists like Alexander Dossin (Brazil), Fany Solter (Brazil), Thomas Hoppe (Germany), Giovanni Bietti (Italy), Katia Michel (Spain), Adonis Gonzalez (Cuba), Blanca Uribe (Colombia), Lori Sims (USA), Ching Yun-Hu (China), Jihye Chang (Corea) and Douglas Weeks (USA).

You can find Julian’s 2021 International Piano Competition performance here.