Jundi Ke

8-year-old Jundi Ke began his piano journey at the age of 4 when his mother started to give him piano lessons. He has a tremendous interest in the musical world and loves to watch and listen to piano pieces and orchestras. Now, Jundi studies piano with Professor Zheng Wang. A few things you might want to know are that Jundi during the pandemic he has already taken part in national auditions and some competitions like University of Miami Frost University of Music, and he won second place in last year’s American Protégé piano competition. Jundi’s other activities include participating in his school announcement broadcast, he is secretary of Student Council, and Jundi is an excellent student in all areas. He has a lot of knowledge about the specific instrument; the piano, and he can play all kinds of musical pieces such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary. Jundi enjoyed participating in this competition. “Piano is frustrating sometimes, but if you pursue you will find yourself in success.”

You can find Jundi’s 2022 Winter Music Competition piano performance here.