Justin Park


I began learning the viola since 4th grade, and have loved playing it ever since. Throughout these 7 years, I’ve played for different organizations such as my church and JMYO (Joy of Music Orchestra) in addition to my school orchestra. In school, I have been principal viola every year in middle and high school, and have been accepting to Junior District Orchestra (JDO) during middle school and Senior Regional Orchestra (SRO) during high school. For SRO, I have placed in the top ten each year and even placed 2nd last year. At the state level, I was the first alternate, nearly being accepted. During my sophomore year, I joined my school’s marching band, as they created an electric string quartet. In that season, we won the best percussion award in every competition we were in. As I progress, I look forward to learning more about music and becoming the best musician I can possibly be!

You can find Justin’s performance here.


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