Kalista Kay Heidkamp

I have been playing the flute since I had the chance to start in 4th grade. I knew I always really enjoyed playing and when I got to high school I started taking private lessons. These helped me audition for college at Slippery Rock Univeristy and I entered into the music program as a music education major. Later in the year I decided to add a performance double major on top. I have participated in masterclasses from major artists such as Jose Valentino, Giovanni Perez, Greg Patillo, Rhian Kenney, Mimi Stillman, and many more. It has been such an amazing opportunity to study here at SRU and I hope to continue playing at the level I am now after I graduate this fall.

You can find Kalista’s 2021 Winter Music Competition performance here.

You can find Kalista’s 2021 Americas Music Competition performance here.