Kashyap Tanguturi


Kashyap started piano before he even remembered doing anything else. When he started playing in kindergarten, he quickly grew a passion for playing music. Kashyap used to play in the recitals in his elementary school, but as middle school came around he wanted to be more competitive with his skills, so he auditioned and won a spot in a middle school of the arts. Kashyap soon realized that playing piano was something that he wanted to pursue because he knew that he had a strong passion for music. He started doing RCM examinations in 4th grade because he wanted to test his limits and to compete at a high level from such a renowned conservatory. He is currently doing Level 10 practical and equivalent levels of Harmony and History examinations. Kashyap is fortunate to have a very supportive family and instructor to push him to excel at his art.

You can find Kashyap’s performance here.


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