Lingxuan Li


My name is Mcqueen Lingxuan Li. I just turned 12 last month and I am a 6th-grader at Avalon Middle School in Central Florida. I was born and raised in China till 2019 when I moved to the United States with my mom. Before arriving in the U.S., I had studied piano with Ms. Pufang Liang for half of a year. Additionally, I had taken some lessons in music theory for about one year. Starting last December I have been studying with Dr. Charlotte Yezhou Tan. Although it has only been four month of taking lessons with Ms. Tan, I have strictly kept a routine of learning one repertoire and at least one etude every week. Based on my learnt repertoire, J.S. Bach is my best favorite composer; in addition to his works I love playing Russian folk music. My next project is to learn Beethoven’s Fur Elise and Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca. Besides piano, my extracurricular activities include basketball and tennis. I also cultivated a hobby of reading novels; James Riley’s Half Upon a Time is one of my most favorite books.

You can find Lingxuan’s performance here.


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