Louis Geer

Louis Geer is a rising junior who loves music. He is a pianist, music composer and a San Antonio Gurwitz Youth Music Ambassador. He has studied piano since age 5 and began playing piano competitively around age 13 after he met his current piano teacher A.J. Collins. Since then, he has placed in numerous competitions, including 1st and 2nd Place in the Texas Public Radio Young Talent Competition, 1st Place in the International Sonatina and Sonata Piano Competition and a Finalist in the Texas State Piano Competition, Texas Music Teachers Association, and more.

Outside of his music, he has passion for math and science and has volunteered teaching math for years. He is also an avid Boy Scout and the founder/president of San Antonio Book Pool, a non-profit to help readers in need, as well as his school Entrepreneurship Club. When he has free time, he enjoys playing games, composing music and playing with his dog Bernie.

You can find Louis’ performance here.