Maddox Marsollek

Maddox Marsollek (born December 2013) began taking piano lessons at the age of three. After ten months of teaching, he made his debut at a summer concert in the Altlandsberg Castle Church and has played more than 25 concerts so far.

He has been tutored by Echo Prize Winner and Concert Pianist Elisaveta Blumina since January 2019. In August 2019 she invited him to her master class in Israel as the youngest up-and-coming musician, where he also played in a final concert at Elma Hall. He has been taking composition lessons since 2019.

In 2020 and 2021 he won a total of 27 international prizes in Germany, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Canada, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Switzerland, Japan and the USA, some in age groups up to 12 years, always first to third prizes and special awards, including a total of 8 first prizes and one absolute prize. In addition, there are three first prizes in national competitions.

In the autumn 2021 he will play in a children’s concert at the Berlin State Opera.One of his compositions (an arrangement for voice, violin and piano) will be premiered there.

You can find Maddox’s performance here.

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